Blue Light


All living organisms are capable of interacting with Light. This interaction can have very different effects: from the stimulation of repair and healing processes where there is damage or pathology, to the slowing down or inhibition of physiological processes, up to cell death that is necessary to inactivate pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.

In recent years, thanks to Italian research and the activity of Emoled, it has been found that certain wavelengths of visible light in the range of Blue (410-430) are able to naturally help the healing process of skin lesions. Recently, the same wavelengths have shown an inactivation effect on various types of viruses, including SARS-COV-2.

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Good news from South-East Pacific

Good news from South-East Pacific

EmoLED now available as a therapeutic option in Southeast Asian markets

EmoLED Photobiomodulation device has recently received regulatory approval in Malaysia and Thailand where the EmoLED medical device is marketed and distributed by Intega Healthcare (Thailand) and Soza Healthcare (Malaysia).

Emoled has recently signed distribution agreements for Hong Kong and Australia/New Zealand (ANZ):

Transmedic Group, one of the largest and top-ranked advanced medical technology distributors in Southeast Asia, will market and distribute the EmoLED medical device in the Hong Kong.
BalterHealthcare team, focused on distributing disruptive medical innovations, will take care of the distribution in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Our appreciation for these important achievements goes to Chris Stegle, Celosia International, who is taking care of bringing Blue Light Photobiomodulation (EmoLED) as a new innovative therapy for chronic wounds into Southeast Asian countries.

Thanks to our distributors and partners EmoLED Blue Light is now available as a therapeutic option to address the ever-growing problem of chronic wounds in these major Southeast Asian nations. We are looking forward to helping raise the bar in the fight against chronic wounds in these markets.


Our Partners

Emoled Srl is under control and coordination of L4T-Light4tech Srl and conducts its research activities in partenrship with LENS and IFAC from Florence