Blue Light and scar outcomes: Dr Carlo Fidanza shares his experience.

23 June 2022

Carlo Fidanza, plastic surgeon, shares in a video his preliminary experience with the use of Blue Light Photobiomodulation for a better scar outcome of surgical incisions and for the prevention of hypertrophic scars and keloids. Doctor Fidanza’s recommendation: “to have the best possible scar in the shortest possible time” use Blue Light Photobiomodulation whenever a skin incision is made, given the extreme ease of therapy and the lack of side effects. According to the Doctor, it is highly recommended on incisions in the body areas that are more prone to forming keloids (the sternal region, the neck, deltoid, and ear region), on facial incisions and in all cosmetic plastic surgery procedures where the appearance of the scar remains a fundamental endpoint.

To watch the videohttps://bit.ly/3QG0av4