Blue Light as therapy for peristomal skin disorders

05 July 2023

The article “Blue Light Photobiomodulation as treatment for peristomal skin disorders: case series”, by Mario Antonini and Stefano Gasperini, have been recently published in the Infermieristica Journal. Peristomal skin disorders are common postoperative complications in people who undergo surgical procedures resulting in enterostomal formation. Complications range from mild irritation to full thickness ulcerations; they represent a significant problem for stoma patients’ quality of life and they can be a challenge for stomal therapist. The article reports the use of Blue Light as treatment of peristomal complications that had not experienced an improvement in 4 weeks of standard therapy. After 4 weeks of Photobiomodulation with Blue Light all patients showed an improvement and, according to the Authors, Blue Light treatment was decisive in activating the healing process in three patients with pyoderma gangrenous.

To read the article: https://www.infermieristicaj.it/rivista/its-time-to-care/