Blue Light for chronic wounds

The first scientific review of the therapy has been published

26 July 2023

The first review to examine the physiological effects of blue light on tissue and its clinical evidence, has been published on Wounds journal. The article “Blue light therapy in the management of chronic wounds: a narrative review of its physiological basis and clinical evidence” by Daniel Zang, Adriel Song Wei Leong and Gabrielle McMullin reports that blue light therapy is safe, well tolerated, and e”ective when used at recommended doses. With more robust evidence supporting its use, the Authors anticipate that blue light will be an attractive option as an adjunct to standard of care for wounds. Blue light therapy has clear treatment protocols that are noninvasive, well tolerated, minimally time- consuming, and easily standardized with minimal training.

Read the article: https://rb.gy/rrq9z