The HERMES study design published on the Journal of Wound Management.

31 October 2021

On the Journal of Wound Management (EWMA), Alberto Piaggesi, Alessia Scatena, Sara Sandroni and Stefano Gasperini present the HERMES study experimental design and study protocol. The study aims to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of Blue Light photobiomodulation therapy in addition to the standard of care (SoC) for managing diabetic foot ulcerations (DFUs) in neuroischemic patients and it represents the first prospective randomized double-blind trial of this kind in diabetic foot ulcerations, since blue light has never been tested in this model of chronic ulceration. The interests of the study lie not only in the novelty of the therapeutic approach but also in the peculiar subset of the patients selected and for the setting of the study, which is shared between the hospital and the community.The study is conducted by the DF Clinic of the Hospital S. Donato, Arezzo, Italy.

To read the article: https://bit.ly/386I00o.

Diabetic foot ulcers