Blue Light therapy to solve stagnant wounds

22 May 2023

In the latest issue of Wounds International has been published the article “Blue light photobiomodulation: a therapy to reactivate the healing process of stagnant wounds of different aetiologies” presenting a case series of 5 patients with hard-to-heal wounds (osteomyelitis, vasculitis, ischemic ulcer, pyoderma gangrenosum, pressure ulcer) in the lower limbs that have been treated with Blue Light for 4 weeks. Hard-to-heal or stagnant wounds are wounds that don’t progress in the healing process, despite adequate therapy. After Blue Light treatment the five wounds (average duration 19,6 months, range 8-48 months) had a significant reduction in lesion area, an improvement in wound bed score and a reduction in pain.

To read the article: https://emoled.com/en/approfondimenti/blue-light-to-re…-stagnant-wounds/