Ulcers in spinal cord injured patients

Case series

01 September 2023

Ulcers, in spinal cord injured patients, treated with Blue Light: in the Italian Journal of Wound Care has been published a case series of patients of the Spinal Unit of CTO, Turin, Italy, who had ulcers, primarily from pressure, not responding to conventional therapies; ulcers were treated with Blue Light to reactivate the healing process. In the treatment period (on average 10 weeks), 68.7% of the ulcers responded to therapy, reaching an average percentage re-ephitelialization level of 72.8% and confirming Photobiomodulation as a therapeutic option for the treatment of chronic wounds even in frail patients, as well tolerated and quickly executed.

To read the article, english pdf available at this link: https://doi.org/10.4081/ijwc.2023.97