Reactivation of healing in wounds not responding to standard therapy

14 December 2023

The article “Blue Light Photobiomodulation for reactivation of healing in wounds not responding to standar therapy” was published in the Journal of Wound Care. This article reports the results of a single-centre observational study designed to evaluate the efficacy of Blue Light Photobiomodulation in activating the healing process of wounds unresponsive to standard treatment.  Sixty patients with lower limbs wounds of various aetiologies that had failed to heal adequately within four weeks of standard therapy were enrolled; patients treated with Blue Light for four weeks were then followed for a further four weeks. After Photobiomodulation therapy, there was a significant improvement in all wound parameters observed (wound area, wound bed score and pain) and 36 patients (61%) showed complete healing at the end of the observation period. Based on these results, Blue Light appears to reactivate the healing process in acute and chronic wounds that do not respond to standard treatment within 4 weeks.

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